Saturday, May 21, 2011

How are activation agencies gearing up for the next revolution?

“The most important idea in advertising is ‘new’, it creates an itch…” said Don Draper, from the TV series Mad Men. And when you look at the current scenario in advertising and brand activation, they are on a fast track to not only create ideas that sell, but, with the development in technology, make them stand out. With 3G technology being launched in India, some brand activation agencies are now gearing up to look beyond the conventional ideas of brand building and promotional ideas.

With 3G and 4G coming in soon after, the Internet will become as integral to our lives as water, electricity and television have been for many years. 3G will allow all of us to carry the Internet with us wherever we go. The Internet, through computers and mobile phones, is quickly becoming a key source for information and knowledge for consumers. Moving forward, these will become the PRIMARY source for information and that's where digital marketing and digital activation will be front-runners in marketing communication.

While currently activation agencies are using more traditional norms and means of marketing and brand building through on-ground activities, technological advancements have helped us to an edge to our ideas and execution. This has created not only newer means of promotion but a more consumer friendly platform for the activation campaigns.

The entry of 3G services in India will lead to a gradual and a more effective engagement and conversation with consumers. Higher rate of streaming and faster downloads of campaigns and promotions will not only be the talk of the town but will also help marketing agencies to engage and create visually enhancing campaigns to engage brand promotion. Also, this will not only allow multiple user interface, but create and run multiple promotions at the same time. It would also create a platform to get faster feedback from the customers and for agencies to know what they are thinking.

3G technology is the game changer required for the growth of the activation industry. With smart phones and tablet PCs on the rise, cashing in on this aspect will only be possible with the help of 3G services. This would help agencies to not only create more technologically advanced campaigns but also add the necessary interactive modules that would make its consumers more connected to the brand itself. Also, this would help catch more attention of not only the existing customer base but also help tap into the markets that shy away from such promotions. Internet access through the computer vs. The mobile phone will be marginally different. The computer lends itself nicely to in-depth understanding of brands whereas the mobile is likely to lend itself more to activation.

However, another question that would keep arising is how would the normal forms of medium work under the pressure from 3G? While many activation agencies are looking at this space, very few are approaching it holistically. Most agencies are approaching it as just a new medium available to reach out to consumers. It needs to be approached in a more integrated and creative manner and that's the challenge.

Its not surprising that marketers and brands are excited about the new mobile revolution that would ensue after the advent of 3G.

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