Friday, January 16, 2015

"How to lose an activation agency in 10 days"

Day 1: While briefing them, given them vague details of the brand you are working on and call them a vendor. Give them two days to respond with a presentation. Promise them more details will be sent later on an email. At the end of the meeting, also mention you have run out of your cards.

Day 2: Not pick up the agency's calls or respond to smses asking for your email ID and the information you had promised to send.

Day 3: Pick up the call and send the information and ask them to present the next day.

Day 4: You can choose. Either make them present after making them wait for forty minutes and then tell them the brief has changed. Or like a few ideas but then tell them they are way out of your budget. Either ways, ask them to rework and also come back with costs.

Day 7: Not respond to calls or smses for setting up a meeting.

Day 9: Call the agency and be inflexible about setting up a meeting time next day.

Day 10: After seeing the presentation, appreciate it loads. But tell them plans have changed for now and this will be executed next quarter. End the meeting requesting the presentation to be emailed. The .ppt version.

Amrita Kumar

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