Wednesday, August 26, 2015

10 things I have learnt on Captain Candid’s Adventure Ride…

– By Amrita Kumar, Managing Partner, Candid Marketing.

1.     Always be prepared for a crisis. If there is no crisis or fire on any front, there is something wrong.

2.     All our work is divided into elements we can control and ones we can’t. It’s always better to have all the elements we can control done way before time, so that when it comes down to crunch time – all your time and bandwidth is free to handle elements you can’t control.

3.     The client is not always right. Sometimes, even they do not know what they really need. It is a sign of a mature and honest agency to know this.

4.     A good idea is not always a good revert. Being honest at this stage is important. One may still choose to go ahead with the good idea, but let’s not kid ourselves that the brand comes first.

5.     If we don't respect ourselves, no one else will. We should respect our time, our work and our legacy.

6.     Having said that, legacy will not get you anywhere. Consistent and dependable good work will take you everywhere.

7.     If you lose a pitch, it is usually for a very valid reason. Again let’s not kid ourselves. Even perception of the winning agency in the client’s eyes is a good reason.

8.     Never claim or promise error-free work – in an industry where vendors, temporary manpower etc make up more than 70% of the execution, one cannot and should not.

9.     Promise to be the client’s eyes.  That means more. Identify problems, update client and do your best to fix it. That is what gets client’s trust.

10.  Always be hungry. To learn, to try, and to adapt to new things and ways.

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