Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Trying Times

If one was to believe the media these days, one would think the world is about to come to an end. The truth is, of course, far from that.

Personally, I embrace the slowdown and welcome it. It is a time when the cream gets a chance to rise to the top, a time when you need to be intelligent and smart to run a business well and make money. In an economic boom pretty much anyone can make money, the flow in the market is such that everyone is capable of picking up business. In times of slowdown, you need to be ahead of the pace and a market leader to make the most of the situation and win business.

All of us have enjoyed the heady growth of the last few years and have grown personally and as a team - its been a great ride. Its time now to knuckle down and show what we are really made of, a time to be part of the cream that rises.... Doodh ka Doodh, Paani ka Paani.

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