Monday, November 3, 2008

You must use the F word in your business plan for 2009 ?

FLEXIBILITY - that's the F-word you must must have in your business plans for 2009.

The world is (and India) is a very difficult place to do business these days. There are some who are still gung-ho about the year-to-come in business terms and many (most?) are very negative, but what everyone shares across the board is this feeling of uncertainty and unsure-ness (i know there's no such word but its just so apt).

The best antidote for uncertainty is flexibility. The problem all of us face is that we are very uncomfortable with being flexible. We like to be clear. sure. certain. predictable.

The source of most fears in life is a fear of the unexpected, a fear of something untoward hitting you. I have always found that if I accept the worst-case-scenario, if I accept that such a situation is GOING TO HAPPEN, it takes away my fear and allows me to face the situation liberated and free of the shackles of fear.

Accepting that 2009 is going to be a year of uncertainty and lack of clarity will allow us to think of multiple operational plans and allow us to have several different approaches ready. It will allow us to roll with the blows when they (inevitably) come.

At the time, I will not dwell on assessing the situation and looking for course-correction plans... the alternative plans will be ready to be implemented.... we will be ahead of the curve compared to competition.

So the next time you think of the coming year and think of an F word... make it Flexibility.

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