Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is BTL booming as a result of the economic slowdown?

I believe that the slowdown is mostly in the mind. Unfortunately, what’s in the mind has a profound impact on everyday action. Consumers and customers alike are reacting to sentiment and there is an overall sense of “hold is gold”.

In this scenario, it is key to get the buyer to make decisions, influence the buyer at the key moment when he or she is taking the plunge either by impacting their experience or enhancing it. This could lead to either the consumer succumbing to temptation, need or greed. Or even better, simply switching brand choice.

As a BTL evangelist for the past 15 years, I have seen it proven time and again that what Activation can achieve and deliver for a brand, advertising and mass media is not capable of. BTL as a discipline and marketing communication tool has been growing relentlessly for the past 15 years, at first in spurts and now in leaps and bounds.

In the economic slowdown, more and more brands are shifting money to BTL to influence buyer decision making. The process of growth of BTL has been given an almighty heave, where BTL was already growing in credibility and delivery, the economic slowdown is going to prove to be a major turning point in this growth.

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